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    Revo Performance specialise in the performance software and software accessories for Volkswagen and Audi group and Porsche vehicles. As market leaders the Revo team pioneered the tuning of ECUs via the OBDII port for VAG vehicles and are THE PERFORMANCE ADVANTAGE in aftermarket tuning. Revo are world leaders in performance software with Headquarters in Daventry – England, engineering centres in the UK and USA and over 300 authorised dealers worldwide.

    Revo Performance high performance ECU tuning software releases the full potential of the car, with software that is fully adjustable to suit individual driving styles and the car’s modifications.

    The Revo Performance R&D team is a pioneer in the industry. Through its ever increasing knowledge of modern engine management systems and new technologies Revo strive to deliver the ultimate performance from every vehicle. With over 100 years of combined experience, Revo Performance has one of the most educated and experienced teams in the automotive tuning field.

    Our philosophy is simple. Our investment in tuning development means that our team of engineers and tuners spend months working with every new vehicle in our range. This extensive analysis of the control systems sets us apart and delivers a product that is smoother, more responsive and more powerful.


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